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Sarah Cummings posted Information 26 June 2015

Calling for inclusive, agile and coordinated action to usher in an era of sustainable development for all, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on 4 December presented the UN General Assembly with an

Diane Kelecom posted Information 19 May 2015

With more than 3.5 Billion people affected across the world, can recycled iron car parts become part of the solution to reducing iron deficiency? The following video explains how the 'Lucky Iron Fish' came about and how it's proven successful in Cambodia (not only with nutrition issues). 

Sarah Cummings posted Information 23 March 2015

Published in December 2014 in PLOS ONE, this

Sarah Cummings posted Information 23 March 2015

Published by the Policy Department of DG External Policies in December 2014, this study discusses the human rights issues raised by large-scale lan

Sarah Cummings posted Information 30 January 2015

Published by Oxfam in Janauary 2015, the technical briefing Secure and equitable land rights in the Post-2015 Agenda

Raymond Lataste posted Information 18 December 2014

Operationalising an EU Approach to Research and Innovation for Sustainable Agriculture and Food and Nutrition security:

Barbara Dequinze posted Information 8 December 2014

Irrigation - EAU4Food prgramme

Capacity4dev Team posted Information 28 November 2014

What illicit trade is worth up to $23 billion each year, threatens the environment, food security and the economies of developing countries, and is now the subject of a special taskforce at INTERPOL? The answer is illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing (IUU).