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Sarah Cummings shared information from the group Private sector in agricultural innovation and development 27 June 2019

Published in May 2019 in the CTA Technical Brief Series, this brief Putting the private sector at the ce

Jennifer Keegan-Buckley posted Information 10 May 2019

A paradigm shift is underway; business as usual is not an option for promoting gender equality.  This was the clear message that emerged from a 2-day workshop held in Rome to prepare the ground for a new joint UN programme on gender transformative approaches to food security, nutrition and agricu

Jennifer Keegan-Buckley posted Information 9 May 2019

New EU-funded FAO, IFAD and WFP initiative seeks to empower rural women and men for food security and better nutrition



Mariana Lemos posted Information 7 May 2019

The next Brussels Development Briefing n. 55 on Opportunities of Blockchain for Agriculture which will be held in Brussels on Wednesday 15th May 2019 (9h00-13h00) at the ACP Secretariat, 451 Avenue Georges Henri, 1200 Brussels, salle C.

Jennifer Keegan-Buckley posted Information 3 May 2019

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Jennifer Keegan-Buckley posted Information 3 May 2019

Niger launched the 3N Initiative, ‘Nigeriens Nourishing Nigeriens’, in 2012: a cross-sectoral push to increase agricultural, livestock and forest productivity while enhancing the resilience of farmers and herders to climate change and food insecurity.

Jennifer Keegan-Buckley posted Information 3 May 2019

The Peace Agreement has called for “a new Colombian countryside” through integrated rural reform, which will seek to reverse the numerous causes and effects of the conflict in a “radical transformation of the rural and agrarian reality in Colombia”.

Jennifer Keegan-Buckley posted Information 3 May 2019

Support Programme for Refugee Settlements in Northern Uganda: This programme provides €20 million in support for greater economic employment opportunities under the EU Emergency Trust Fund Regional Development Support Programme.

Jennifer Keegan-Buckley posted Information 3 May 2019

The EU is strongly committed to achieving Sustainable Development Goal 2 (Zero Hunger) and has been working with partners to collectively step up support to end hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture.

Jennifer Keegan-Buckley posted Information 2 May 2019

RESET was launched in 2012 to help build the food security and resilience of around two million of the most vulnerable people in eight drought-prone geographical clusters in Ethiopia.