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Update on the mid-term progress of the Dutch Global Challenges Programme


Published in March 2017, this special edition of the Food & Business Knowledge Platform Newsletter is dedicated to the research projects funded within the first call of the Global Challenges Programme (GCP), that is managed by NWO-WOTRO. GCP research is carried out in consortia consisting of Southern and Northern scientific and other partners. The projects have a duration of four to five years and are aimed at enhancing the understanding of food and nutrition security in Low- and Middle-Income Countries. The five projects funded within the first GCP call (GCP-1) started in 2014 and now have interesting midterm results on food chain efficiency and inclusive sustainable increase of quality food.

Please have a look at the various articles on how these GCP-1 projects work on different continents on a range of themes via co-creation and research uptake, engaging smallholders and other stakeholders throughout their research execution.

  • First of all, meet the projects at their actual stage in their project factsheets.
  • In addition, three reflecting articles will introduce you to custom-made processes of including small farmers in research, first lessons on transdisciplinary research collaborations, and the value of longer-term research.
  • Finally, you can find a selection of knowledge items of GCP-1 consortia to facilitate uptake of their work.

On the Food & Business Knowledge Platform (F&BKP) website a news item informs you on the GCP-1 midterm meeting that was held last December in Accra, on which the Ghana News Agency also reported. On the F&BKP website you can also find the specific GCP project pages.

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Sarah Cummings
16 March 2017

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