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Interview with Helene Quentrec

INTPA F.3 organised in early November (3, 4 and 8) a training on agroecology (AE). Helene Quentrec (HQ), gave her views on this event.

Question: This event attended by more than 70 participants is a real success! Why do you think the training was so important for your colleagues and partners?

  • HQ: We are indeed very pleased with the turnout. Not only was the event attended by around 60 colleagues from EU Delegations (EUDel) but we also noted the participation of HQ colleagues and of partner organisations.
  • As demonstrated by various speakers and initiatives presented during the webinar, AE is not only about agricultural practices. It deals with wider economic, social, and environmental benefits related to land and landscapes, biodiversity, increased farmers’ income, sustainable value chains, crops and seeds varieties, One Health, people- and context-specific and nutritious food, and much more…
  • It was important for us to raise the understanding about these concepts and highlight how AE supports the achievement of the EU political agenda and technical priorities set by the Green Deal (GD), the Farm to Fork (F2F) and Biodiversity Strategies.
  • The feedback we received was also extremely satisfying; it is obvious that the webinar came at a crucial time for programming!

Q: How important is agroecology in INTPA programming?

  • H.Q.: We are currently conducting a portfolio analysis of past and ongoing programmes to determine to which extent they promote AE practices and comply with its principles.
  • We recognise that the share of AE in our programmes should be improved if we want to meet GD targets. The opportunity to exchange experiences from ongoing initiatives was also critical for us to assess where we stand and collectively reflect to ensure that AE is included in country or regional programming.
  • INTPA F3 is willing to support colleagues to promote AE in their programmes. We are also planning to develop new tools to provide guidance to our colleagues in EU Del. Do contact us and we will be pleased to provide support!

Q: Is F.3 planning similar trainings for other regions?

  • HQ: We tried to make the webinar as participative and lively as possible despite the distance. We want to reach EUDs across the globe. We are now planning another webinar for Latin America and the Caribbean. Stay tuned!

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