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How can food reserves best enhance food and nutrition security in developing countries?

The use of food reserves is a hot topic on the international agenda and the source of intense debates. Food reserves offer great potential for contributing to meeting one of today's greatest challenges: to end hunger and prevent malnutrition.

However, governance - lack of transparency and accountability mostly - remains a source of concern for international actors to engage in the field of food reserves. Discussions also concern the role to be given to food reserves in relation to other instruments, such as social transfers and social protection policies, or in responding to food crises and enhancing resilience to food insecurity.

Building on a multi-country study commissioned through the CIRAD, this series of reports aim to raise awareness on the potential and limits of the use of food reserves among EU staff and Member States, as well as other donors and international actors. It intends to expand the range of policy options considered by decision-makers for more effective and integrated strategies towards the eradication of hunger.



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17 September 2019

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