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European Initiative on International Agricultural Research for Development (EIARD)

 The European Initiative on International Agricultural Research for Development (EIARD) is a permanent Agricultural Research for Development (ARD) policy coordination platform, recognised in 1997 by a Communication of the Commission to the Council and the European Parliament. EIARD's aim is to promote and implement coherent European policies at international, regional and sub-regional levels in order to increase the impact of ARD on poverty reduction, food security and sustainable management of natural resources in developing countries.

In all its activities, EIARD promotes six guiding principles:

•Alignment: European support to ARD is aligned with ARD policies, strategies and priorities in the south.

•Relevance: Demand-driven ARD is defined by southern partners and takes into account the social, economic and cultural conditions in partner countries.

•Complementarity: Continental/sub-continental ARD cooperation is supported among partner countries where this is demonstrably cost-efficient and relevant. ARD support complements and adds value to existing bilateral actions by European states.

•Subsidiarity: ARD activities are proportionate to the objectives to be achieved and planned and executed at the lowest possible levels at which they can be carried out effectively.

•Partnerships: European supports to ARD seek to promote partnerships, equity and balanced management responsibilities among partners in the South and in Europe.

•Participation: Collaboration amongst all stakeholders is necessary to make research relevant to and for end-users.

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22 March 2015

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