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Any good example of programme to support innovation through Agrodealer networks?

Here in Rwanda we have a question:
Would you have any example of programmes that support dynamic and vibrant local agrodealers networks that can bring small innovations to farmers?


Hallo Arnaud,  Yes -  I suggest having a look at the work of Proximity Designs in Myanmar - they develop technologies upon farmer demand (treadle pumps, drip irrigation, solar) and use exsiting agrodealer networks to make these available to farmers, with great results. Hope all is well with you!  Jacquetta

Hello Arnaud,

You might be interested in the experience of International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC) as part of the organisation focus is to foster the development of agrodealers so that they may effectively serve farmers’ immediate and long term agricultural input needs.

I noticed IFDC has implemented project funded by USAID in Rwanda on Privatization of Rwanda’s Fertilizer Import and Distribution System as well as EU funded projects.

All the best with your search. Jules

Hello Jules,

Thank you for the reference,

It is a very good programme that we know well. It is linked to inputs (fertilizers and seeds) distribution mainly. A necessary first step, but we would be interested to see agrodealers also bringing other types of innovations to the country side.

Best, Arnaud

Salut Arnaud,

Instead of a positive example, a case study quite critical on a programme in Malawi: Two Case Studies— AGRA’s Pigeon Pea Project and Malawi’s Agro-Dealer Strengthening Programme (MASP) African Centre for Biodiversity - 2016

Not meant for discouraging but for pondering the assumptions ;)

"The main problem with agro-dealers dispensing advice and managing
demonstration plots is that these are limitedto a corporate-sponsored range of Green Revolution inputs and technologies. While this approach may be useful for introducing new technologies to farmers, it is not flexible enough to respond to diverse technologies and conditions.

The approach was based on the expectation that the demand for Green Revolution products would be strong enough to sustain thousands
of profitable agro-dealer businesses"
cordialement, Yves

Hi Arnaus, currently I am involved -for the impact assessment side -in a programme that is spreading legumes related innovations (seeds, P-fertilizer, inoculants, PICs, etc) to farmers throught the use of different communication channels, including also agro-dealers, with points of sale material. it comes from a action research angle though and altough it is happening across a few countries in East and West Africa (unfortunately it does not include Rwanda), major evidence is available for Tanzania. you can find more information on the website alternatively, i am happy to walk you through the programme.

i hope this helps



Merci à tous

Après quelques recherches, voici également d'autres pistes que je partage avec vous:


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Arnaud de Vanssay
22 March 2017

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