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Story: Speaking up for the next generation of farmers in Niger

Published on the official EC website in 2016, the story Speaking up for the next generation of farmers in Niger is paired to the project overview of Improved global governance for hunger reduction.

The story describes the context, objectives, results and partners. It includes a testimony from Amadou Ousmane, leader of the National Network for Collaboration and Dialogue among Producer Organisations (CDD-G9). The producer landscape in Niger is rather fragmented and characterized by a lack of unity and coordination. Women constitute 60% of total producer organisation membership but less than 20% participate in decision-making. Pursuing social and economic goals, producer organisations play a critical role in reducing poverty and improving food security.

The story can also be downloaded as a PDF here. It is also available in French, Portuguese and Spanish.

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Sarah Cummings
31 August 2016

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