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Implementing EU food and nutrition security policy commitments: first biennial report

In 2010, the European Union (EU) and its Member States along with all partners sought to address food and nutrition security by adopting an EU-wide policy framework for food security. Since then, further EU development policy commitments have been undertaken to reinforce the priorities established in 2010. An Implementation Plan for Food and Nutrition Security was produced and divided into six policy priorities, accompanied by performance criteria and indicative intervention areas. After approving the Implementation Plan in April 2013, the Council requested that the European Commission produce, jointly with the Member States, consolidated EU-wide biennial progress reports from 2014 onwards. This document is the first of these reports.

The document reviews the EU and its Member States performance in executing the Implementation Plan, for communication to the European Parliament and the Council and to the general public. It sets out to answer two basic performance questions: 1) how were the disbursements and specific interventions made in 2012 aligned with the six policy priorities and 2) how did the EU and its Member States adhere to the 3Cs of coherence, complementarity and coordination in addressing these priorities. This report establishes a baseline against which subsequent reports will compare the performance of EU donors in working together to deliver agreed EU policy priorities regarding food and nutrition security. It draws on consolidated quantitative evidence (disbursement data based on OECD-DAC reporting in 2012) and qualitative data on the 3Cs provided by Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the EU in their respective reports. This report is accompanied by a Staff Working Document (SWD), which provides additional information and case studies.

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Sarah Cummings
20 March 2015

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