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CHATHAM HOUSE Annual Conference: A Sustainable Food Future

International agreements, increasing urbanization and climate change are putting pressure on the global food system. The annual Chatham House food conference will address the specific challenges that need to be overcome to improve sustainability and food security and deliver carbon reductions in the food system, and the role of policy, industry and civil society in achieving these goals. Main questions around which the discussion will be structured are:

- What are the implications of COP21 and the SDGs for food and agriculture? What are the next steps for implementation and to what extent is there accountability and with whom does it lie?

-  How are agriculture and food waste reduction featured in the Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) of developing and developed countries, and what does this mean for agricultural systems therein as well as for the global food system?

- How can the finance required to satisfy these agreements through supporting food and agricultural developments be mobilized? What innovative approaches are emerging?

-  What would a 2-degree or 1.5-degree pathway mean for agriculture and land use? 

-  What global trends will emerge over the coming decades within which these goals should be met? 

The conference will be divided in six sections as follows:

Session 1: Global Commitments in Practice         

Session Two | Innovation in Food Production and Sustainable Intensification –

Session Three | The Food Waste Challenge 

Session Four | Consumption Trends and Food Choices 

Session Five | Sustainable Development through Agriculture

Session Six | Risk Management and Resilience across the Supply Chain

For more information on the agenda and speakers please check here

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Giorgia MEI
21 November 2016

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