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Please lets share coordination and development actions on this direct link to government representatives

We welcome Minister Paubert Mahatante to our group. We wish him big congratulations on becoming Minister of Fisheries and the Blue Economy, Madagascar.  He is one of 21 new ministers appointed to Madagascar’s new government team of 32.

Minister Mahatante is an expert on Madagascar famine and fisheries, and he has been a supporter of grass roots organisations.  He is our direct link now from this online action group on Cap4Dev.   We are a belt between grass roots organisations and the government.

We invite contributions from any groups especially those with an interest in the Kere famine..  We know our voices will be heard.  We know that we have an experienced and dedicated member of our forum in Dr Manahante, and we welcome your voice and your contributions to provide action based replicable models that will create real change.

Together we can create replicable sustainable models to reduce the drastic drought affecting south Madgascar.

Dr Paubert Mahatante:


, and promoting civil society organisations.

He has been involved in researching and developing strategies and awareness to promote fisheries and aquaculture when he worked as Secretary General in ‘South African Non State Actors Platform in Fisheries and Aquaculture, within the South African Development Community’.    He did his PhD on the links between the ocean, fishing and famine in Madagascar.

For many years he has been an ardent support and promoter of civil society organisations in some of the poorest and most famine struck parts of Madagascar. 


Link to Dr Mahatante’s linkedin profile

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16 August 2021

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