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This is an opportunity for humanity to demonstrate its skills to develop a replicable sustainable solution for the planet all together. We need a coordinated effort to show to the planet that this can be achieved. 

1) The problem:

1.1 This is the first famine caused by climate change.  Battle for survival is increasingly difficult in a country with a very low carbon footprint; people are trying to survive the effects of global warming created by developed countries.  This started in 2015 and help needs to be stepped up.  1.5 million people are affected now; 400,000 people are starving on diets of locusts and cactus leaves. 

 1.2 Madagascar is one of the poorest countries in the world.  More food needs to be shipped in as short-term action, but a wide range of middle and long-term development solutions need to be started urgently,

1.3 As this crisis is on an island it is an ideal opportunity for humanity to demonstrate its skills to develop a replicable sustainable solution for the planet all together.

1.4 Madagascar cannot afford to innovate itself, so other countries must step up. 

Developed countries have a duty to rescue Madagascar now from climate change caused by the after effects of more carbon emitting lifestyles. 

1.5 The problems of lack of investment in middle and long-term sustainable solutions can be expensive as it could eventually result in the worlds largest climate camp. Let's AVOID A CAMP with 1.5 million people that can cost €250 m pa.   

 1.6 Its also is dangerous as long term financing of this short-term solution provides streams of cash and food that attracts warlords and gangs, thus facilitating the development of terrorist activities and syphoning off supplies from the needy that could also buy guns etc.

 2) Solutions:

2.1 A range of long-term development needs to be urgently implemented to compliment increased food supplies, to promote independent sustainable lifestyles, avoid famine deaths, famine camps and the development of more warlords and gang (Dahal) who rob and sell humanitarian aid of money and food, subverting distribution of food.   

 2.2 The south Madagascar famine crisis can be a laboratory to develop and test rescue models of development for climate change induced famines and droughts, a problem which is spreading and will affect other countries soon. 


3) Our aims for this group:

3.1 To lead an  ‘Action Think Tank’ to promote action at a local and international level to develop models immediately that can be replicated around the world as similar crisis will arise. 

3.2  To monitor and collect real time data sourced through the grassroots about what is actually happening and feedback to various stakeholders. 

 3.2) Our goals for this group are:

To kick-start action on projects to develop more long-term aid for sustainable lives

3.2.1) How?  We aim to:

·      Share ideas and results from around the world from different perspectives

·      Develop models

·      Develop a belt between grassroots action makers and policy makers

·      Facilitate an international co-working space channeling from Civil Society grassroots to international policy makers. 

·      Facilitate real time monitoring and data collection to ensure efficiency, effectiveness and transparency, and maximum effectiveness of funding

·      Generate real time feedback and data from grassroots action makers to policy makers to progress model development

·      Showcase the most efficient replicable sustainable models to empower people.

o   Publish plans for discussion and coordination online and on site

o   Act as an training resource for sharing practical ideas for sustainable solutions  

o   Provide peer-to-peer mentoring

o   Allow for liaising with aid agencies for short and long term action and humanitarian aid including UN agencies members registered on capacity4dev regarding infrastructure required to mitigate the effects of climate change and the resulting famine, as all statements say

3.2.2) My profile as an climate activist and young leader in Madagascar : founder and member of open network of local specialist/universities/NGO-CSO org programmes AAAA-AMOUR (Alliance for Mentoring Online Universities and Related (bodies)-Adaptation Alliance Africa Asia ASEAN; see my profile  https://europa.eu/capacity4dev/users/anita-mamy-rasoambololona).  We are active on topics such as: education, gender in ICT, decent work, circular economy, water4all, agriculture and reforestation.

Our specialists are Phd and experts such as Dr MAHATANTE

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Conclusion :

We would like this group to be a platform Llab for involving local CSO and empower them so they can learn and lead their own future after, as a symbol.

As Greta Thunberg, climate activist, said to the UN in her speech:

“You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words. And yet I’m one of the lucky ones. People are suffering. People are dying. Entire ecosystems are collapsing.”


The IPCC/UN milestone on climate change report published in August 2021 recommends many changes, which our group will use as guide to act on and help Madagascar.



Group created on
13 August 2021

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