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Leah Worrall28 April 2016

The Hub and Spokes programme is an innovative Aid for Trade initiative that helps to strengthen trade capacity development in the Africa, Caribbean and Pacific regions.

It is a joint programme of the European Union, the ACP Group Secretariat, the Commonwealth Secretariat and the Organisation internationale de la Francophonie.

Under the programme, trade advisers - the 'spokes' - strengthen the capacity of government ministries and regional organisations, while regional trade advisers - the 'hubs' - provide similar technical assistance to key regional and national organisations.

The initiative helps participating countries to develop and implement trade policies and agreements that both reflect national priorities and are effective in a global trading system. The strategic priority is to ensure sustainable economic development and poverty reduction in African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries through closer regional integration and increased participation in the global economy.

It is the second phase of the programme, following on from the Hub and Spokes I project (2004 - 2012).

To date during the second phase, 43 trade advisers have been deployed in ACP countries alongside one short-term consultant, of which 24 are deployed by the Commonwealth Secretariat and the remainder by the Organisation internationale de la Francophonie.

The key programme results areas are as follows;

  1. Key ACP stakeholders trained and sensitised in trade policy issues;

  2. Effective trade policy drafted and relevant international agreements negotiated, and implemented;

  3. National and regional trade consultative networks established and strengthened;

  4. Collaboration with donor partners strengthened to maximise benefits of aid for trade opportunities;

  5. Intra-ACP communications on trade development are promoted.

The budget for the Hub and Spokes II programme is €15.7 million, of which €12 million is provided by the EU, €2.5 million by the Commonwealth Secretariat and €1.2 by the Organisation internationale de la Francophonie.


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