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ICT Innovation and Start-up Ecosystems in the Eastern Partnership Countries

This Study Report looks into the enabling environment for ICT innovation and start-up ecosystems in the Eatern Partnership Countries. It assesses the needs of different ecosystems in the partner countries, including the needs for skills, talent, competences and investment; and proposes recommendations at national level ("country roadmaps") and at EaP regional level, for promoting ecosystem development, drawing lessons from the enabling environments in the EU and key thirds countries, and taking into account the platforms and services offered by GEANT and EaPConnect. The study team's task also included registering and mapping the stakeholders of the partners' ecosystems ("EaP ICT Innovation Map"); incorporating the "EaP ICT Innovation Map" into Start-up Europe web-based platforms, notably the Start-up Europe Map and the Start-up Europe One Stop Shop; and identifying a common training package to  address the needs of the main groups of ecosystem stakeholders in the Partner Countries.

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6 June 2018

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