Upload a Document to the Library

To upload a document to the library of a Group, Project or Programme, you must first become a member;

(more on joining a Group) | (more on Projects/Programmes)


Access the Group's  and select the button to upload a new document:


Once the form appears, you can browse your local machine to select a file or drag and drop the file onto the teal shaded upload space shown below:


You will need to add a Title and Body (mandatory fields indicated with an asterisk (*) ). As the title is also used to create the URL path of the page, the shorter the better! The body is pretty much a blank page: you can add and format text, insert images, embed media or create tables (more on using the editor).

Tagging is important to help others find your content. You can select up to 3 Topics, with unlimited sub-topics, select a date, language, as well as Regions and Countries (more on tagging).

If available, you can also select custom categories - these are defined by the owner or administrator(s) of the Group, but will only be relevant for members of that specific Group (more on custom categories).

In case you upload a PDF file, the document will be presented via the PDF viewer:

This PDF viewer offers same usual options as for PDF software: navigation via the sidebar, zoom, download, bookmarks, search within the full document:


Creating a new document

When creating any content on capacity4dev, the notification checkbox will be enabled by default (more on notifications). You can define comment settings, save your content as draft, cancel your work or publish it. Once the document is published, an activity stream message will appear on the Group's homepage (more on activity streams).


Updating a document

When editing any content on capacity4dev, the notification checkbox will be disabled by default (more on notifications). In addition to edits to the content itself, you can save your changes, view your changes, cancel the operation, unpublish or delete the content.

Frequently Asked Questions


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