Share to your Groups/Projects

The cross sharing functionality allows you to share contents from one environment into another without duplication. Keeping one single version will also ensure that all views, recommendations, and comments are stored in one single place, making it easier to manage. Membership to both Groups is mandatory.

To share content from one Group to another, follow these quick steps

  1. Select the link Share to your Groups/projects
  2. Select the Group or Project where you want to share this content
  3. You can indicate a personal message (optional)
  4. Select the Share button
  5. Your message and a link to the shared content will appear in the Group where it was shared

Detailed Steps

To share content from one Group to another, you have to be Member of both these Groups.

Select the link Share to your Groups/projects - found under Do more through Capacity4dev as shown below:

Share to your Groups - Projects

Once clicked, you will be directed to a page where you can select the group or project to share to, and add a message before sharing:

share to your groups-projects with a message

In the example above, we are sharing a discussion from a restricted group to a public group. After pressing the Share button, you will be directed back to the original discussion. Shared contents will display a list of environments where they are shared to.

shared to

When content is shared from one Group to another, a message with a link to the source content will appear in the Group's latest activity, as shown below:

example of shared content

Similarly, both the Latest activity and Tagged topic page will display this activity - but only to members that can view and access both environments. A permanent reference to this shared item will be available in the Library section of the Group it is shared to.

These messages will only be displayed for members that are able to view and access the original content.


Frequently Asked Questions


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