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Setting up your project homepage

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Because no one project is alike, capacity4dev now features a flexible and customaizable tool that allows you to create your own homepage with a series of customizable blocks. These blocks include:

  • Text - include a title and body
  • Map - include pointers, polygons, and shapes that each have their own title and description
  • Twitter API - include a username, hashtag, and/or keywords
  • Blocks
    • About
    • Search
    • Partners
    • Related Groups
    • Related initiatives (Projects/Programmes)
    • Highlights
    • News
    • Events

Add Blocks

Blocks can be re-ordered by column, but not dragged from one column to another, so it is important to think about which columns each block should fall under. The text, map and twitter blocks each have their own buttons, while all other blocks are listed under System blocks. Find out more about each block by selecting the [+] buttons below.


[+] Add a Text box

[+] Add a Map

[+] Add a Twitter feed


System Blocks 

To add a system block, select the button Add system block button and the following box will open with a list to choose from: 


The following system blocks are best suited for the right column:

[+] Add a Search block

[+] Add an About this Project/Programme block

[+] Add a Partner block


The following (content short-list) system blocks are best suited for the left column:

[+] Add a Highlights block

[+] Add a Latest news block

[+] Add an Upcoming events block