Find out how you can search Capacity4dev to identify content that is most relevant to you. Search results will vary depending on the contents you can access.

You will find the search box on the upper right side of every page:


Screenshot of the searchbar


Corresponding search results will be displayed.

How to refine your selection:

Filter results

You can filter results by selecting either of the following search facets:

  1. Type (content)
  2. Topics/Sub-topics
  3. Date
  4. Language
  5. Regions and Countries

Some of these terms may have one or two sub-levels to offer more options.


Search within search results

Add a term in the text field, check the box to 'Search within search results', and select the 'Apply' button.


Screenshot of search in search results


Sort results

When searching or viewing lists of contents, you can sort these to see the most recommended, commented, viewed, or look at the latest (date created) or recently updated content. You can also switch between ascending and descending lists by clicking the selector again.



Use search operators

You can use the following operators to help you refine your search:

  • Search for combined terms by adding "speech marks" around several words; for ex: "sustainable energy"
  • By adding AND between words, for ex: Energy AND Water; your result(s) will include multiple terms.
  • By adding OR between words, for ex: Energy OR Water; your result(s) will include either or both terms.
  • By adding a space and a minus sign, for ex: Energy -Water; your result(s) will include a term but not the other (search for 'energy' but not 'water')

You will also find these operators when selecting the information icon in the search box:



Frequently Asked Questions


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