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As the owner or administrator of a Group, you can promote an item at the top of the latest activity on your Group's Home page; only one item can be pinned at a time.

You will see two additional icons in all content lists (ex: your Group's Library): a star and a pin. The promote icon is represented by the pin.

In the example above, the pin is straight, meaning the content is promoted. Another item that is not promoted will display the pin sideways like this: pin icon

These same options will be shown in the sidebar of any content page, under Do more through Capacity4dev. You will need to use this function for Wiki pages, as they do not have a list like other contents.

Demote on detail page

In the example above, the content is already promoted - to demote this content, just click the pin again, confirm your action, and the item will no longer appear on your Group's Latest activity.


The promoted item will appear above your Group's Latest Activity, and above the Quick Post (for Group Members).

Frequently Asked Questions


[+] I manage a Project/Programme but do not see the promote function on any contents, why?