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You will find Project Administration details under your Project's manage section (Manage Project). Both the owner and any administrator(s) will be listed here. You can manage administrators or delegate the ownership of your Project.

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Manage Administrators

By selecting the (Edit) link next to Administrators, you will be directed to the Project's member management list. Unlike Groups, Projects do not have a visible member section. Here you can search for members and see their status, how long they have been a member of the project, as well as specific request messages when available. In addition, you can update members' status, and remove them from the Project (more on member management). 


Delegate Ownership

Only an owner can delegate the ownership of a Project or Programme. You must first identify a suitable candidate in your administration team. Once confirmed, select the (Edit) link next to the Owner. You will be directed to a page where you can designate a new Owner.

Delegate ownership: Select a new Owner

What happens next?

The appointed owner will receive a notification message to confirm the new role - your name will appear in the notification to let the owner know who performed the action.

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