Manage your profile

Each member on Capacity4dev has a profile that can be seen by other members and anyone browsing the site. Although profiles are publicly accessible, some measures have been taken to guarantee your privacy: more on indexation.



A member's profile will also display the Groups/Projects/Programmes this member owns, manages, or is a part of. There are two different section when editing the profile: 


  1. Profile (details) include your e-mail, name/surname, job title, organisation and type, country, password, about you, expertise and interests, as well as your profile picture

  2. Settings include all your notification subscriptions, e-mail preferences and local time-zone

We encourage users to complete their profiles - Capacity4dev is a platform for international development cooperation professionals so it is important to let others know who you are.


Indexation: Measures taken for your privacy include the non-indexation of your profile. Many search engines will be default crawl websites to index all pages, making them searchable on the net. To prevent sharing your (personal) data, Capacity4dev limits the types of pages that are crawled and has specific meta-tags in place so that member profiles remain discrete (and do not appear on search engines).


Frequently Asked Questions


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