Invite another person to a Group

Group Members can invite others to join a public or restricted Group - only if moderation is open.

To invite another person to join a Group, follow these quicks steps:

  1. Access the Group Homepage
  2. Select the link to Invite a member (don't see link? find out why)
  3. Enter one (or more) e-mail adresses*, write a subject and/or body
  4. Select the button Invite user(s)


Detailed steps

To invite another person, access the Group Homepage and select the link to Invite a member

link to invite a member

Enter one (or more) e-mail adresses*, write a subject and/or body and select the button to Invite User(s)

invite form filled

A confirmation appears with the list of successful invitations

confirmation message


What happens next?

The invitation is sent with some pre-filled information, including your name and a link to join the Group.

From:    "[Name Surname] at Capacity4dev"<>

Subject: Join this Great Community!



[Name Surname] invited you to join the following group at Capacity4dev: [Group Name]

See their message below:

Come join our community where you can share, learn, and discover amazing resources, connect with peers, ask questions, engage in conversations, share your best and less successful experiences. Exchange methodologies and adapt them to your needs.

To accept this invitation, click Join this group.

[Name Surname], member of Biodiversity for Life.



Existing Capacity4dev members are directed to the home of the group as a member.

New users are guided through registration - once their account is validated, they will become a member of the group.


Frequently Asked Questions

[+] I am a member of a Group but cannot see the invite button, why?