Insert attachments and pictures

Attachment files (PDF, PowerPoint, Word, etc.)

When inserting a file as attachment, you must upload one from your local machine.

Allowed file formats are: jpg jpeg gif png txt doc docx xls xlsx pdf ppt pptx pps ppsx odt ods odp mp3 mov mp4 m4a m4v mpeg avi ogg oga ogv weba webp webm

Maximum filesize is: 50 Mb


How to proceed to upload a file:

1) click on the "Add Media" icon (toolbar, second line):

2) click "Choose file" / "Upload" / "Next"

=> As result, you see the file in the text editor. When click on it, you can download it.



When inserting pictures, you can use a file from the Internet or upload one from your local machine.


[+] Add an image from your local machine

[+] Add an image found online



In the example below, we have used the following settings: width: 300, Height: 201 | Border: 1 | Hspac: 10, Vspace: 5 | Align left.


[+] The image I copied from the Internet is not the same size, why?