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As the owner or administrator of a Group, you can contact specific or all group members by sending them a message through the platform.

Access the Member section of your Group - you will see a check box next to each member. Either select specific membersSelect all members on this page or Select members on all pages (each page displays 10 members). You can also use the search facets to filter members based on their membership type, organisation type, topics of expertise, or country where they are based. Once you're ready, select the Contact button.

Select all members on all pages

You will be directed to a page with a contact form, including a subject and body. The body is pretty much a blank page: you can add and format text, insert images, embed media or create tables (more on using the editor). As the platform does not keep an archive of these messages, we recommend you check the box 'Send me a copy' - to receive a copy of your message by e-mail. Once you're ready, click the Send button.

Send me a copy