Group workflow: statuses

When you create a Group on Capacity4dev, it will go through several statuses as follows:


Requested arrow facing right Draft arrow facing both left and right Published arrow facing right Archived


You may see the status label during the lifecycle of your group when it is pending, draft, or archived. This status label will appear above the Group's navigation, in My Groups (top bar, capacity4dev homepage, and profile page), the GROUPS page, and on search results.

Whenever the status of a group is updated, a notification is sent to the owner and its administrators to let them know who performed the change.



When you have just created a new Group, it will be saved under the status Requested until it is approved by one off the site administrators.

During this status, you can edit the Group's details but cannot yet contribute content. Only you as the owner will be able to view and access this environment.



As soon your Group is approved, you will receive a notification to confirm your Group is now saved under Draft status.

Under this status, you can invite other people to join your group, promote members as administrators, contribute content, etc. while you prepare your environment. Only members of the Group can view and access this environment.

Whenever you feel your Group is ready, you as the owner or any of the appointed administrators can publish the group. This will generate a notification to inform others of the status change.



Congratulations, your Group is now published and ready to be discovered by others. You as the owner as well as any appointed administrator can revert to draft status at any time if you feel you still need to work on some aspects.



If your Group has ceased to generate activity or if you can no longer commit to its management, you as the owner can update your status to archived. Be careful, you cannot revert this status without contacting a site administrator.

Under this status, the Group and its contents become read only. No Member can join or request membership, post comments or create/edit contents.