Format text

When using the Filtered HTML editor:

you can format your text with the following options:

Basic formatting options include bold, italic, underline, subscript and superscript.

Lists offer both numbers and bullets.

The alignment options include left, center, right, and justified - but also an option to determine the text direction. By default text will be written from left to right. For certain languages such as Hebrew or Arabic, select right to left.

You can format your text using the drop down menu to determine text formats (some are shown in the screenshot above). Only the quote has a separate button (with speech marks).

When pasting from other sources, you may want to remove formatting to paste as plain text - or ensure all formatting is retained when pasting from Word.

Finally, by pressing the expand button, you will be able to view your editor in full page.

Other functions such as adding a link or anchor, creating a table or inserting pictures or embedding media are explained on the following pages.


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