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Members who belong to an organisation will notice certain fields are automatically pre-filled; these fields display with a grey background and are not editable (find out more on organisations).


If you have EU Login account please follow this link: https://ecas.ec.europa.eu/cas/init/passwordResetRequest.cgi 

In other cases, please contact us on support@capacity4dev.com


Your public profile details appear on your profile. We recommend you add some information about you:

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Then you can indicate your thematic expertise (more on expertise):

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Your interests will be used to help you filter activity based on your specific thematic or geographic interests (more on filtering). You can select up to 3 topics of interest and unlimited sub-topics within these topics - likewise, you can select up to 3 regions of interest and unlimited countries within these regions:

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Your picture appears across the site and makes your profile distinct. We strongly recommend adding an alternate text and title for all images uploaded on Capacity4dev (more on images):

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You can also amend your preferences for items linked to your account settings.