Create a Photo Album

To upload a Photo Album to the Media section of a Group, Project or Programme, you must first become a member;
(more on joining a Group) | (more on Projects/Programmes)

Access the  section and select the button to Create a Photo Album:


You will need to add a Title* and Body* (mandatory fields). Titles are also used to create the URL path of the page, the shorter the better! The body is pretty much a blank page: you can add and format text, insert images, embed media or create tables (more on using the editor).

Tagging is important to help others find your content. You can select up to 3 Topics*, with unlimited sub-topics, select a date, language, as well as Regions and Countries (more on tagging).

When you're ready, select the button to Add photos:


You will be directed to the batch upload screen where you can upload your Photos - first select the link to + Add Files (you can select multiple files at once), then when all the images are loaded in the screen, select the link to Start Upload. Depending on the number and size of files, this process may take some time - you will know when all your files are uploaded by checking the status column, or from the indication on the bottom left (Uploaded 4/4 files):


By default, each Photo will be named with the title of the Photo Album followed by a number. You can change the title without having to edit each single photo by accessing Manage Items - where you can also rotate the orientation of Photos:


You can also update the order of Photos in your Album by accessing the Sort Items tab. Just Drag and drop each row into the desired order:


An alternative view to sort items is also available when you select the link to Show row weights - where you can number the order of Photos in your album.

When you access your published photo album, all the tabs will still be available for you to upload new items, sort or manage your Photos, and edit your Album details.


What happens next?

Once your Photo Album is published, it will feature in your Group's Latest Activity, as well as on the Capacity4dev Homepage and the tagged topic page(s).

Unlike other content types, items uploaded to the media section do not generate notifications. If you would like to share your Photos or Photo Albums, you can always use the social sharing tools (more on social sharing)


Frequently Asked Questions


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