Attach a Document

When creating content on capacity4dev, you can attach documents to any of the following content types: Wiki pages, Discussions, Events, and News.

When you are creating/editing any of these, you will see a section where you can attach documents, either by uploading a new file or selecting one from your media browser:


1. Upload a new file

Drag and drop a file directly onto the teal shaded space or press browse to select a file from your local machine - a new window will open to ask you if you wish to also add this Document to the Group/Project/Programme's Library.

Some documents can be important for the content they are attached to, but not relevant to the Document library (for ex: an event agenda). To attach a document without adding it to the Library, add a title and select NO.


The file will be attached to the content, but will not appear in the Document Library.


If you would like to attach a file and also save it in the Document Library, click YES - a window will open to let you complete additional data (identical to creating/editing a document). Once you press SAVE, your file will be attached to the content and feature independently as a Document in the Library.


2. Select a file from your media browser

Select the link beneath the teal shaded space to select a document from the library - a new window will open, where you can search for the desired file.


You can search by typing the file's title or by using filters in the Media browser; select the Apply button to refine the selection. Once you're ready, select Submit to confirm your selection.


Once attached, the files will appear beneath the document category as shown below:


Frequently Asked Questions


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