Add an anchor

You can link to a section on a page by adding an anchor.

When you're using the editor, place your cursor above the body of text you want the reader to jump to (in this example, the line above section 5, and click the anchor icon to insert an anchor as shown below:


Give your anchor a name (some punctuation is allowed, but no spaces):



Your anchor is now in place (you will be able to see it in the editor, but it will not appear on the published page).


Scroll back up to the text that should link to the anchor and highlight this text before selecting the link button to insert a link. Rather than adding a full URL, insert the hash key just before the name of the anchor. So for our example, we want to add the following link: #section5


That's it! On the published page, when the reader clicks section 5, he/she will jump down to this very section on the page. Once you've clicked on an anchor, if you look at the web address you will see that #section5 has been added to the page's URL.


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