Add a Discussion

Each Group on capacity4dev offers the possibility to start a discussion using one of the four options below:

  1. Post information
  2. Share an idea
  3. Ask a question
  4. Launch a debate

To add a discussion, you must be a group member; if you are not already member of any Groups, find out how to join. Discussions can easily be added through the quick post on a Group's homepage or by using the full form to add further information.


Add a discussion from your Group's Home page - using the Quick Post

Group Members will see the quick post collapsed by default:


To expand this box, place your cursor where it says Share information or an idea, start debate or ask a question here. Once the box is expanded, add a title to your discussion:

Select the type of discussion and add your text where it says Discussion details. To attach a document, select the paper-clip on the upper right corner of the text box. You will also have to select at least one topic.

Once you're ready, you can check the box to notify members of the group (more on notifications) and press the Post button.

If you wish to attach more than one document, format your text using the full editor or add additional tagging, please select the advanced form instead - your discussion details will be automatically copied into the full form.


Add a discussion - using the full form

Select the Discussions menu in your Group and press the Add a new Discussion button:


Once the form appears, add a title to your discussion, select the type of discussion and add a body using the editor. You must also select at least one Topic to tag this discussion:


You can also tag your discussion with a date, language, region(s)/countries, or by selecting one of the group's own custom categories.

You can also attach a Document to this discussion (more on documents).


Creating a new discussion

When creating any content on capacity4dev, the notification checkbox will be enabled by default (more on notifications). You can define comment settings, save your content as draft, cancel your work or publish it. Once the discussion is published, an activity stream message will appear on the Group's homepage (more on activity streams).


Updating a discussion

When editing any content on capacity4dev, the notification checkbox will be disabled by default (more on notifications). In addition to edits to the content itself, you can save your changes, view your changes, cancel the operation, unpublish or delete the content.


Can I expand the text box?

Yes - click and hold the bottom right corner of the text box to drag it down. If you are using Internet Explorer, you will not be able to expand this box; we recommend using the full form instead where you can expand the editor to display on a full page: