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Mélanie Romat posted Information 15 November 2016

Storytelling technique, which allows transmitting messages appealing to the emotions of readers, is particularly successful applied to the field of development cooperation.

Mélanie Romat posted Information 16 September 2016

Some say that what is happening is that we don’t know what happens. This thought of José Ortega y Gasset quoted in a moment of Spanish history’s great uncertainty could be mentioned as well these days.

Mélanie Romat posted Information 4 July 2016
The alignment of the interventions of the Programme Projóvenes I and II with El Salvador's Youth National Policy has enabled the momentum of important improvement processes.
Capacity4dev Team posted Information 4 September 2015

Transparency International (TI) is based in Berlin with 107 local chapters worldwide. They collaborate with individuals, organisations and governments to eliminiate corruption.

30 June 2014 to 4 July 2014
in Brussels (Belgium)
Organised byDG DEVCO

Objective of the course is to update participants on how to approach programming in the governance area, in particular as regards support to justice, democracy and the rule of law in development cooperation in light of the most recent EU policy, guidance and lessons learned in these areas.

13 November 2013 to 14 November 2013
in London, SE1 8NJ (United Kingdom)
Organised byODI

Sign-up to the 2013 CAPE Conference [1], which will look at how budgets
actually work in the real world and explore the latest thinking on how they
can deliver better development outcomes.  Bringing together a distinguished
array of global leaders and thinkers, the conference aims to shed light on
two overarching questions:

* How does budgeting and public financial management really work in
* What – if anything – can reformers do to strengthen budgets to improve
development outcomes?


Ann-Mari Sundsten uploaded a new Document 3 July 2013
Ann-Mari Sundsten uploaded a new Document 3 July 2013
Ann-Mari Sundsten uploaded a new Document 3 July 2013
Ann-Mari Sundsten uploaded a new Document 3 July 2013

Support to Parliaments and engaging with political parties