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  1. Donor Approaches to Governance Assessments 2009 Sourcebook

    The Sourcebook from the OECD is intended to help its agency staff, partner country stakeholders and practitioners in their work and in dialogue about governance assessments in which aid agencies are actively involved. It has been compiled for a general audience and does not require specialist...
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  2. PPP Introduction to concept paper on Anti-Corruption

    EC SUPPORT TO ANTI-CORRUPTION IN PARTNER DEVELOPING COUNTRIES – Introduction to the Concept Paper by: Dr Heather Marquette, University of Birmingham Dr Rachel Flanary, theIDLgroup Mr Sumedh Rao, Governance & Social Development Resource Centre (GSDRC)
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  3. Introduction to the Joint Africa-Europe Strategy (JAES)

    Everything you always wanted to know about… the Africa-EU Democratic Governance&Human Rights Partnership ! 1. What is it? 2.How does it work? 3.What is the thematic focus? 4.Why does the Strategy matter? 5.Main challenges ahead
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