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Study on Governance Challenges for Education in Fragile Situations

An interesting report on governance challenges in the education sector, including studies from: Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti, Lebanon, Liberia, Southern Sudan, Somalia, Cambodia and Indonesia, December 2009

The European Commission study management team, Brussels, consisted of representatives from the Social and Human Development and Migration Unit of DG, EuropeAid. The Study Reference Group consisted of representatives from the Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergencies, Education and Training Foundation, DFID, GTZ, CIDA, IIEP UNESCO, World Bank, Ulster University and the European Commission.

The purpose of this report is to bring together some of the key findings, lessons learned and conclusions from the eight country study reports in order to contribute to future thinking regarding education aid planning, programming, implementation and monitoring in fragile situations. In this context, it is hoped that readers will find the Synthesis Report a useful contribution to ongoing debates in this field.

The lead authors of the various country study reports were: Mike Ratcliffe (Team Leader) for Aceh, Cambodia, Lebanon and Somalia; Chris Perry for Liberia and Southern Sudan and Erika Boak for DRC and Haiti. Harvey Smith contributed extensively to the DRC and Haiti reports, alongside Mark Todd for Lebanon and Somalia. The lead authors for this Synthesis Report were Mike Ratcliffe and Chris Perry. The Study and consultancy team has been managed by Euro-Trends.

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