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Mélanie Romat posted Information 15 November 2016

Storytelling technique, which allows transmitting messages appealing to the emotions of readers, is particularly successful applied to the field of development cooperation.

Mélanie Romat posted Information 16 September 2016

Some say that what is happening is that we don’t know what happens. This thought of José Ortega y Gasset quoted in a moment of Spanish history’s great uncertainty could be mentioned as well these days.

Mélanie Romat posted Information 4 July 2016
The alignment of the interventions of the Programme Projóvenes I and II with El Salvador's Youth National Policy has enabled the momentum of important improvement processes.
Capacity4dev Team posted Information 4 September 2015

Transparency International (TI) is based in Berlin with 107 local chapters worldwide. They collaborate with individuals, organisations and governments to eliminiate corruption.

Lebo Mofolo posted Information 10 December 2014

On Tuesday 09th December, the European Commission DG DevCo InfoPoint hosted the launch of the book, ‘Public Procurement Reforms in Africa’. Mr.

Capacity4dev Team posted Information 24 October 2013

The following session, on the agenda of the upcoming EDD2013, will cover  issues of interest for this group. For questions, the focal points are at your availability. Further practical information can be found on the EDD2013 website.

Ann-Mari Sundsten posted Information 3 July 2013

The European Commission’s unit DEVCO B.1. Governance, Democracy, Gender and Human Rights organised a training course in Brussels between the 17th and the 20th of June.

Tsvetomir Svilenov posted Information 14 May 2013

Complementarity at the core of EU support to the ICC