The guidance on thematic results and indicators covers DG INTPA strategies in various sectors, aiming to enhance the quality of our interventions – in terms of design, monitoring in the course of implementation. It also aims to promote the use of standardized information across European Union-funded interventions in partner countries. DG INTPA unit in charge of monitoring results (D.4) and thematic units developed the guidance.

It is addressed to EC staff and external partners involved in the preparation of action documents and project documents, helping them to develop solid logical framework matrices. It identifies clear and measurable results statements in line with DG INTPA policy priorities, as well as with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), NDICI Regulation, Gender Action Plan (GAP III) and the Global Europe Results Framework, along with a range of good indicators to monitor progress.

DG INTPA’s results reporting and Action Document quality assurance processes identified the need for such guidance.

This guidance presents for each sector:

  1. EU policy priorities: a short narrative explaining EU policy priorities and commitments as articulated in key policy and strategic documents.

  2. A results chain: a diagram showing the main results (impact, outcomes, outputs) that EU development interventions are expected to achieve in the given thematic area, reflecting EU policy priorities and commitments.

  3. Thematic indicators: examples of measurable indicators associated to each result statement, that may be used in Logframe Matrices at project / programme level.

Check out our videos on how to use this Guidance on Results and indicators for Development and Feedback from users: