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  1. Reporting On Sexual Violence. Some Do's And Don'ts

    By Umesh Pokharel In one of its cover stories, a weekly magazine, while reporting on ‘sexual harassment in the film industry, not only went to reveal the name of a sexual harassment survivor but also failed to write the perpetrator’s name. In one of the cases thus reported, the writer mentioned the...
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  2. Purposeful Podcasting with Soufiane Hennani

    Our media cohort participant, Brian Pellot from South Africa, produced this podcast for Taboom Media. Brian interviewed the Moroccan activist Soufiane Hennani. Soufiane Hennani is the co-founder of Elille collective for the promotion of gender plurality and sexual diversity in Morocco. He is also...
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  3. Indonesian Women Speak Out on Dress Codes

    by Andreas Harsono Schoolgirls, Female Civil Servants Suffer Under Mandatory Hijab Regulations (Jakarta) – Most of Indonesia’s provinces and dozens of cities and regencies impose discriminatory and abusive dress codes on women and girls, Human Rights Watch said today. The harmful impact of these...
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  4. Wale Odunsi: A call for global action on religious intolerance

    By Wale Odunsi It is a long-established reality that religion – the belief in and worship of God or gods – has polarized households, tribes, communities, cities, and nations. The world cannot continue to act as though all is well amid the dangerous dimension religious differences have routed us...
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  5. Wars on drugs and terror - America needs an enemy

    by Aslihan Bedier A look into America's history of racial injustice and its legacy across generations – learning about how racial inequality affects lives to this day. Huge blocks of cement that look like coffins dangle from high above the ground at the National Memorial for Peace and Justice ,...
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  6. What is newsworthy in a meeting between a Rabbi, a Priest and an Imam?

    Around 170 participants from 55 countries participated in the first hybrid-style workshop within the Global Exchange on Religion and Society (GERIS) project implemented by PARTICIP and Media Diversity Institute (MDI), and supported by the European Commission. By Dasha Ilic Around 170 participants...
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