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GCCA Tanzania latest fact sheets and case studies

GCCA Tanzania is delighted to share the latest fact sheets and case studies from our five project areas across the country. Enjoy! For more information about these and other GCCA Tanzania related activities please email: joanna@indigo-mtpc.com
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Integrated Approaches for Climate Change Adaptation in the East Usambara Mountains in Tanzania. A fact sheet

This is the latest fact sheet which outlines the project's goal to demonstrate effective and efficient strategies that support poor, rural households in Tanzania to adapt to the negative impacts of climate change and to alleviate poverty. Its specific objective is to support eight communities...
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Passing on the Gift Approach for Climate Change Adaptation Strategies: Igunga Eco-Village, Tanzania. A case study

The Igunga Eco-village project aims to increase the resilience of 9 local farmer communities that are strongly affected by the adverse effects of climate change. Through a Farmer Field School approach, farmer groups are trained on a wide range of proven climate adaptation technologies, including...
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A Climate Resilient Model for Maasai Steppe Pastoralists in Tanzania. A fact sheet

ECOBOMA aims to improve and increase the capacity of vulnerable Maasai Pastoralists in Arumeru District by adapting and increasing resilience to the adverse effects of climate change. The project also contributes to Tanzania’s poverty reduction strategy and improving the livelihoods of communities...
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