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Lea Appulo posted Information 14 September 2016

Bamako, Mali  – The latest OPIDIN flood forecasting bulletin released by Direction Nationale de l’Hydraulique and Wetlands International predicts extremely high floods in the Inner Niger Delta, Mali.

Paolo Bufalini uploaded a new Document 20 July 2015

Le document montre, à travers des exemples concrets, que l'agriculture intelligente face au climat (AIC) est une voie certaine pour renforcer la résilience des populations ouest africaines au changement climatique.

Joanna Martin uploaded a new Document 14 February 2018

EcoACT falls under the GCCA Tanzania programme, and has been working with selected farmers to produce quality declared seeds to enable farmers to sell and purchase good seeds at a good price. Regulations are strict however, and farmers must comply in order to grow these seeds.

Soraya Khosravi uploaded a new Document 3 September 2014
Sophie De Coninck uploaded a new Document 14 January 2015

The LoCAL brochure provides a brief on local governments and climate change, how the LoCAL approach works, what are performance-based climate resilient grants, partnerships and early work in Butan and Cambodia.

Guido Corno uploaded a new Document 14 February 2016
Mariata NDIAYE SY uploaded a new Document 8 May 2014
Christophe Legrand posted Information 24 February 2016

this brief paper from BRACED and ACCLIMATISE on the importance of financial services for climate resilience, is just food for thought for our colleagues from Ethiopia, Mali and Myanmar on which the paper is based, but also for other beneficiary countries.

Ana Moreno Mendieta uploaded a new Document 20 February 2012

Multi donor trust fund - Joing management with the World Bank

Ali Basha posted an Idea 27 March 2017

Practical brief