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Zhiyad Khan posted Information 2 December 2015

Coastal protection projects in Tonga and the Republic of Marshall Islands (RMI), aimed to address the progressive effects o

Zhiyad Khan posted Information 3 February 2016

Michel Jambou uploaded a new Document 8 June 2015

The Intra ACP GCCA Programme  has undergone a thorough independent Mid-term Evaluation  covering the implementation period 2010-2014. The final report is now available. It is used to refine and strengthen the Intra ACP GCCA actions over the coming years.

Nicole Andrianirina uploaded a new Document 15 November 2017

The use of climate information - when available - is still often not within the reach of technical services, nor to farmers planning their agricultural and livestock activities.

From28 October 2014
in 1200 Brussels (Belgium)
Organised byGCCA Intra-ACP Programme - ACP Secretariat


Sophie De Coninck uploaded a new Document 18 October 2012

km_and_comms_strat.jpgBy 2013, the GCCA will be funding over 45 climate programmes (national, regional and global) in more than 35 count

Sarah Simpson posted Information 3 December 2013

Get an overview of the 2013 Global Policy Event that took place in Brussels from the 18 - 20 September, with this issue of the GCCA News. Articles include a summary of the event as well as case studies from partners in the field.

17 July 2017 to 22 July 2017
in The Hague (Netherlands)
Organised byThe Hague Academy for Local Governance

How can local authorities respond and adapt to climate change and develop climate resilience policies in order to contribute to the global sustainable development goals?

Fannie Delavelle posted Information 12 January 2015

This film relates to Cambodia's Strategic Policy approach to climate change. It provides explanation of key vulnerabilities and explains how these are tackled through an inter-ministerial and cross-sector based approach.