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etienne coyette uploaded a new Document 23 April 2015

The GCCA+ flagship initiative has undergone over the last months a thorough independent global evaluation. The final report is now available. It will be used to refine and strengthen the GCCA+ action over the coming years. A summary of the evaluation and a french version are also available.

Jacquetta Hayes uploaded a new Document 19 April 2013

brochure_fr.jpgChers membres de la communauté de l'AMCC

Le nouveau prospectus est à votre disposition en ligne.

Anonymous uploaded a new Document 6 September 2012
Jacquetta Hayes posted Information 23 May 2013

Last year, the European Commission committed €36.6 million (most of which originating from fast start funding provided by the EU, Ireland and Cyprus) for financing six new GCCA interventi

Sarah Simpson posted Information 3 December 2013

Get an overview of the 2013 Global Policy Event that took place in Brussels from the 18 - 20 September, with this issue of the GCCA News. Articles include a summary of the event as well as case studies from partners in the field.

Guido Corno posted Information 14 February 2016

The Global Climate Change Alliance + (GCCA+) intends to launch, over the next year, a series of discussion topics regarding climate change adaptation. These topics will range from strategic, applied and financing adaptation issues; a new topic will be introduced every 6-8 weeks.

Anonymous uploaded a new Document 6 September 2012
Anonymous uploaded a new Document 6 September 2012