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Christophe Legrand posted Information 4 October 2016

An interesting analysis from WRI on the potential for alignment between the Paris Agreement and the SDGs. this mapping exercise at national level could be helping a lot the implementation of both.

Michel Jambou posted Information 21 April 2015

The research paper "Adapting to Climate Change and variability in small smallholder farming communities: A case study from Burkina Faso, Chad and Niger" coordinated by AGRHYMET and Australian Rivers Institute has been published in January 2015 in the "Journal of Agricultural Extension and Rur

Julia Walschebauer posted Information 11 July 2018

These GCCA+ Communication and Knowledge Management Guidelines are to be read and enjoyed. When dealing with climate change, learning from others, exposure to best practices, fresh information and new winning ideas are fundamental.

17 July 2017 to 22 July 2017
in The Hague (Netherlands)
Organised byThe Hague Academy for Local Governance

How can local authorities respond and adapt to climate change and develop climate resilience policies in order to contribute to the global sustainable development goals?

Christophe Legrand posted Information 14 February 2017

Dear members,

Please find attached the PDF files of the InfoPoint session organised by DEVCO-C6 unit - Sustainable Energy & Climate Change on 2nd February 2017 in Brussels with Wetlands International for the World Wetlands day.

Capacity4dev Team posted Information 2 December 2015

Uganda’s rural communities working to tackle climate change often struggle to access finance. Around 80% of the population work in agriculture, and can lack the necessary collateral and paperwork for conventional bank loans, or the technology to embrace mobile banking and microfinance.

Lea Appulo posted Information 14 September 2016

Bamako, Mali  – The latest OPIDIN flood forecasting bulletin released by Direction Nationale de l’Hydraulique and Wetlands International predicts extremely high floods in the Inner Niger Delta, Mali.

Christophe Legrand posted Information 4 May 2016

In 2014 at the Third International Conference on Small Island Developing States, leaders agreed the SIDS Accelerated Modalities of Action (S.A.M.O.A.) Pathway, which recognizes the critical need for these vulnerable countries to increase their resilience to disast

Laura Giappichelli posted Information 4 December 2014

Dear all,

The GCCA+ will hold a side event at the 20th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Lima on 8th December 2014 from 15:30 to 17:30 at the EU Pavillon - Room Brussels.

12 September 2016 to 14 September 2016
in Brussels (Belgium)
Organised byDEVCO Sustainable Energy and Climate Change (C6) Unit

The Agenda 2030 with the SDGs and the COP21 Paris Agreement/*[i]*/ [1] on
climate change provide a new strategic framework for international
cooperation. Consequently, the GCCA+ plans to contribute strategically,
financially and technically, over the period 2016-2020, to the efforts of
LDCs and SIDS parties to address these challenges.

*A year after the launch of the GCCA+*, and as experiences from the GCCA,
other programmes and the recent COP21 Paris Agreement accumulate across the
globe, it is important that the GCCA+ ensures that lesson learning is an
integral part of the development process and that knowledge generated from
its implementation is shared across countries and regions and with key
stakeholders and development partners. *The GCCA+ Global Learning Event will
explore how experience on the ground influences policy development and
vice-versa on local, national and international scales.*

The aim of the GCCA+ GLE2016 will be to:

(i)to share past GCCA and current GCCA+ best practices and challenges to
scaling-up and increasing impacts amongst beneficiaries and potential donors;

(ii)to present recent and updated climate strategies and examples across
various development sectors and actors such as on INDCs, NAPs, engagement
with new stakeholders, new tools and approaches

(iii)to extract conclusions for the GCCA+.

[i] [2] On April 22nd, 2016, 155 countries committed to sign the Paris
Agreement on Climate Change.

[1] #_edn1
[2] #_ednref1