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Ana Moreno Mendieta uploaded a new Document 20 February 2012

Multi donor trust fund - Joing management with the World Bank

Anonymous uploaded a new Document 6 September 2012
Anonymous uploaded a new Document 13 September 2012

pp_gcca.jpgPresentation made by Mr Ian Noble, World Bank Institute, Senior Environmental Specialist

Sophie De Coninck posted Information 18 September 2012

Dear colleagues,

A colleague from a GCCA country is looking for good examples of climate change strategies or policies, as well as terms of reference to develop such documents.

Can any of you share his or her experience and practical guidance?

Thank you


Mark FUTTER uploaded a new Document 19 October 2012

The powerpoint presentation summarises the key lessons learned from both the English and French working groups, and which formed the basis of the summary presented to the GLE on the afternoon of the 13th September.

Jacquetta Hayes posted Information 19 April 2013

This information was forwarded from the EC's DG Climate Action:

Colleagues from the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change recently shared a robust work on Climate Change Impacts Fact Sheets on some 24 key countries:

The Climate Change Impacts Fact Sheets:

Jacquetta Hayes uploaded a new Document 2 May 2013


Jacquetta Hayes posted Information 3 May 2013

Watch this 40 second excerpt from the climate change documentary, Tide of Change

Film maker Amie Batalibasi went back to visit family in the seaside village of LIlisiana, Solomon Islands, at a time when the village was affected by the extreme high tides due to climate change.

Jacquetta Hayes uploaded a new Document 15 May 2013

The Regional Technical Meeting will take place in Belize, in July 2013 and will precede the Programme Steering Committee meeting (PSC). Recommendations from the Regional Technical Meeting will be forwarded to the PSC for their deliberation and possible approval.

Jacquetta Hayes uploaded a new Document 15 May 2013

Draft Agenda for the Global Climate Change Alliance (GCCA) under the 10th EDF Intra-ACP financial framework Second Programme Steering Committee Meeting, (18 - 19) July 2013, Belize City