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Joanna Martin uploaded a new Document 14 February 2018

ECOBOMA is one of five projects which falls under GCCA Tanzania. The project has been carrying out ecological monitoring to assess the future viability of rangelands and consequently adapt to the effects of climate change.

Joanna Martin uploaded a new Document 14 February 2018

The EcoAct (Ecovillage Adaptation to Climate Change in Central Tanzania) project has built on the successes of the previous project called the Chololo Ecovillage, to increase the capacity of vulnerable semi-arid rural Tanzanian communities to adapt to the adverse effects of climate change and red

Joanna Martin uploaded a new Document 14 February 2018

EcoACT falls under the GCCA Tanzania programme, and has been working with selected farmers to produce quality declared seeds to enable farmers to sell and purchase good seeds at a good price. Regulations are strict however, and farmers must comply in order to grow these seeds.

Joanna Martin uploaded a new Document 14 February 2018

The Scalable Resilience: Outspreading Islands of Adaptation project on the island of Pemba, Tanzania is using technology to improve the livelihoods of communities. The case study explores what the project is doing to become more efficient at monitoring & evaluation.

Nicole Andrianirina uploaded a new Document 15 November 2017

The use of climate information - when available - is still often not within the reach of technical services, nor to farmers planning their agricultural and livestock activities.

SARR Benoit uploaded a new Document 11 October 2017

Ce rapport à mi parcours du projet «Adaptation aux Effets du Changement Climatique et de Développement des Énergies Renouvelables au Tchad» a été produit dans un souci de mieux faire connaitre les acquis du projet à la communauté AMCC +.

Christophe Legrand uploaded a new Document 11 October 2017

These technical guidelines have been developed by the Least Developed Countries Expert Group (LEG), with input and feedback from the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and its agencies, and experts from other organizations,to support the NAP process, following a request by the COP.

Christophe Legrand posted Information 9 October 2017

Policy meets science: Building cliamte change resilience in the Caribbean

Arnold Jacques de Dixmude posted Information 2 October 2017

S’adressant aux journalistes du réseau [Green Journalist Network], lors d’un café de presse organisé à Kinshasa, le jeudi 28 septembre 2017, l’Ambassadeur de l’Union européenne en RDC, Bart Ouvry, a souligné l’engagement de son institution en faveur du climat et l’importante implication attendue

Christophe Legrand posted Information 7 September 2017

Dear all,

Nice story from the GCCA Tanzania project on adapting crops to changing weather patterns.