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Helene Pans posted Information 19 March 2019

The small Himalayan Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan’s development is highly dependent on climate-sensitive sectors such as agriculture, hydropower and forestry. The melting of the Himalayan glaciers increases the risk of flooding as well as water scarcity in the dry season.

Helene Pans posted Information 19 March 2019

Senegal’s Atlantic coast suffers from some of the worst erosion and rising sea levels in the world. Villages have already disappeared under the waves and hundreds of thousands of people risk becoming climate refugees.


Helene Pans posted Information 19 March 2019

Rural populations in Timor-Leste live in a particularly fragile agro-ecological context and a weak rural economy.

Helene Pans created a new WIKI page 11 March 2019

When dealing with climate change, learning from others, being exposed and gaining access to best practices and lessons learnt by others, fresh information and new winning ideas are fundamental.

Helene Pans posted Information 26 February 2019

Labutta, in the heart of the Irrawaddy delta, is one of the villages were residents were battered by Cyclone Nargis ten years ago.

Helene Pans posted Information 8 February 2019

Dear GCCA+ Seychelles community, 
Discover below our latest news from AUGUST 2018 to JANUARY 2019!

Helene Pans posted Information 15 January 2019

In the semi-arid Dodoma region, climate adaptation means using locally sourced material, innovation and courage.

Helene Pans posted Information 10 January 2019

John Kang'weji from Mwakipoleja hamlet in Mbutu village, Igunga District, in Tanzania is among 50 farmers who were trained on bio-fertility technology, which is helping to lessen the negative impact of chemical fertilizers in farming.