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  1. Eco-Villages - Interculture in Development

    Tim Clarke has 30 years’ experience in the European Commission, including as Head of Delegation to Ethiopia and to Tanzania. In the interview below he shares examples of the importance of intercultural understanding in development work. For more perspectives on this topic from former and current...
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  2. Former Capacity4dev Member shared a photo album from the project Intra-ACP Global Climate Change Alliance Plus (Intra-ACP GCCA+) 20 November 2017
    ACP group made a big impact at # COP23 with # UNFCCC side events and press conferences https://youtu.be/OQavCcBe4Xs ; https://unfccc.cloud.streamworld.de/webcast/caribbean-community-climate-change-centre-presenta … ; https://unfccc.cloud.streamworld.de/webcast/intra-acp-gcca-programme-and-climate-...
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