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Course: Climate Change Resilience and Financing

17 July 2017, 9:30 to 22 July 2017, 17:30

How can local authorities respond and adapt to climate change and develop climate resilience policies in order to contribute to the global sustainable development goals? How can they help their citizens when faced with the consequences of drought, floods, air pollution, land degradation, deforestation and rising sea levels? What financing options exist for the local level, and how can funds like the Green Climate Fund be accessed?

These and other questions will be addressed in this one-week course, that is developed and implemented in close cooperation with climate finance experts from UNCDF. In the course, we will zoom in on tools to recognise local vulnerabilities, such as the Future Climate Hazard, and discuss instruments to become more resilient. In addition, lessons of financing local climate change adaptation from different countries will be discussed. Furthermore, the participants will visit innovative projects in The Netherlands, such as the finance lab and green and clean transport innovations in Amsterdam and the ‘Rotterdam Climate Proof’-policy with a.o. urban adaptation to rising sea levels.

Special attention will be given to Green Public-Private partnerships and climate funds which are key in developing strong climate resilience plans and catalyzing joint actions.



Fakri Karim and Vito Intini, experts from UNCDF, will explain how to do  a vulnerability assessment at the local level and how to develop a Climate Change Adaptation Plan  which aligns local needs with global climate change challenges. They will also discuss ways to finance climate change adaptation at the local level, such as the UN Green Climate Fund and how to collaborate with the private sector.

The application deadline is 29 May 2017. 




I want to this opportunity to thank capacity4dev team for the relentless effort to bring development to our developing countries in West Africa. And also the the organisers of this course climate change, i believe this is a breliant idea that will help educate our people about the effect of climate change.

If this will be an opportunity for me to study this course as an activist and an advocator i will learn my people greately.

Thank you,

Osman S Kanu.

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