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Intra ACP GCCA Mid-term Evaluation 2010-2014

The Intra ACP GCCA Programme  has undergone a thorough independent Mid-term Evaluation  covering the implementation period 2010-2014. The final report is now available. It is used to refine and strengthen the Intra ACP GCCA actions over the coming years. A summary of the evaluation and a french version are also available.

Reading from the conclusions: "The Intra ACP GCCA has met with success in striving to assist ACP MS in their efforts to build climate change capabilities with most gains made in relation to adaptation as there is a greater demand for adaptation-related support. There have been successful results in responding to specific needs at the country and regional levels and the rationale for a regional approach was found to be justified. There are unique opportunities for problem-solving that come from encouraging collaboration between countries and ensuring countries share similar capacity for addressing climate change. However, overall, there is considerable room to further development of regional-level strategies and activities." 

Among other the main recommendations are: 1) a second phase of the Intra ACP GCCA programme (in the frame of the GCCA+) , is strongly supported. This should nevertheless, be guided with the establishment of a long-term strategy for the Intra-ACP Programme that takes into consideration the Cotonou Agreement and anticipates EU support beyond the GCCA+; 2) A differentiated approach to regional programming should be established that recognises that not all regional partners have the same capacity and that challenges faced by each region are significantly different; 3) Greater focus should be placed on promoting initiatives that have clear regional implications, in terms of addressing the potential needs of multiple countries; 4) Stronger programming links must be established with national GCCA programmes. Regional programming should seek to address gaps in national programming that can also address regional considerations.

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