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GCCA Knowledge Management and Communication Strategy

km_and_comms_strat.jpgBy 2013, the GCCA will be funding over 45 climate programmes (national, regional and global) in more than 35 countries and across 4 regions. The areas of intervention and implementing partner(s) are defined according to the context in a given country/region and present a great variety. As the experience accumulates across the globe from these and other programmes, it is important that the GCCA ensures that lesson learning is an integral part of the process, and that the knowledge generated from its implementation is shared across countries and regions and with development partners.

A clear knowledge management and communication strategy is thus required to support consistency and effectiveness across the initiative. The main purposes of the strategy are to:

·Foster knowledge building (learning from experience) and exchange between and amongst the stakeholders, to improve their ability to contribute to successful GCCA outcomes and overall impact.

·Promote the visibility and a positive perception of the GCCA initiative, notably by building on the knowledge acquired in the field during implementation.

This strategy focuses on engagement with the implementing partners of the GCCA, promoting knowledge creation and building relationships for influence and change. It proposes specific activities aimed at promoting a shared understanding of the GCCA, the projection of a consistent image, and knowledge building and exchange.

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Sophie De Coninck
18 October 2012

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