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  1. Intra-ACP GCCA+ - regions at the heart of climate implementation

    The Intra-ACP GCCA+ Programme conducted its first Regional Coordination Meeting on 26-28 March 2018 at the ACP House in Brussels. The meeting brought together Intra-ACP GCCA+ regional partners to discuss programme implementation and foster inter and intra ACP coordination and cooperation. It...
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    Former Capacity4dev Member posted Information 10 April 2018
  2. Local Climate Adaptive Living Facility (LoCAL)

    The Local Climate Adaptive Living Facility (LoCAL) of the UN Capital Development Fund provides a country-based mechanism to increase awareness and response to climate change at the local level, integrate climate change adaptation into local governments’ planning and budgeting systems in a...
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    Former Capacity4dev Member posted Information 14 January 2015
  3. The GCCA Community Forum - get involved!

    Dear Members of the GCCA Community Forum Yes, we’ve changed the name of this group to better reflect its purpose – to provide you with a FORUM space. This is where you can seek advice from experts and peers, post information about your events including training, tell us about what has worked and...
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    Former Capacity4dev Member posted Information 17 May 2013
  4. Low cost solar water disinfection campaign rolled out in Kiribati

    This week, a national campaign was launched in Kiribati to roll out solar water disinfection (SODIS) to improve health and curb diarrheal diseases throughout the country. SODIS is a simple, low cost method to disinfect contaminated drinking water. While endorsed by the World Health Organisation in...
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  5. Using ancient traditions to tackle a very modern challenge in Timor Leste

    When the mountain farmers of Timor Leste were faced with a series of devastating droughts and catastrophic floods, they looked to their own cultural traditions to help them survive. For centuries, when faced with big decisions, villagers in remote farming communities used “tara bandu” - a...
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    Former Capacity4dev Member posted Information 10 April 2018
  6. Question and Answers: CRISTAL Tool - Any experience to share?

    Hello! I'm looking for experiences and tips on the use of the Community Based Risk Screening Tool - Adaptation and Livelihoods (CRISTAL), can anyone help me? Best wishes, Laura
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    Former Capacity4dev Member posted Information 15 January 2013